100% Gamified

active users unlimited

  • 5 Episodes to choose from
  • 10 levels per episode
  • The whole organization competes for points and rewards
  • Support and reports
  • Personalization
  • Valid for any competition
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Creativity and InnovationClient´s choice

active users unlimited

  • Drives creativity and innovation
  • Practical classes and exercises
  • Inspiration Center
  • Management and development of innovation ideas
  • Challenges and contests
  • Assessment and personalized journey
  • Interphase adaptation and integration
  • Constantly updating content
  • Support and reports
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Skills and Competencies

active users unlimited

  • Includes all the competitions you want
  • All centers for each competition
  • Unlimited competitions
  • Ability to manage each competition independently
  • Global reports per competition
  • Action plans and user follow-up
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Creative.OS frequent questions

Get to know the best tool

Is it only for creativity and innovation or can it include other skills?

Creative.OS, is a complete online learning platform. Initially, it was created to teach Creativity and Innovation to organizations, but it grew rapidly and by our customer´s request, it is now possible to include as many skills and abilities as you want to develop in your organization. Each skill may have an independent administrator so different companies or professionals can manage each skill.

Is it just a school or can I manage ideas, action plans and projects?

Creative.OS includes one of the most advanced management systems for ideas and innovation in the market. You can develop ideas until they become innovations and are applied in your organization. You can define your stages of competitions and innovation, and open innovation contests. For other competencies you can manage the action plans of each department to monitor and ensure that users apply what they learned.

Do I have to choose which users to include?

Cretive.OS is meant to bring learning to every corner of the organization, so all plans include unlimited users license! That means that you may be 300 or 30.000, all of your organization´s users can participate and develop their skills.

How is people´s participation managed?

Since the beginning, your personalized school will have a custom manager dedicated to ensure the initiative´s success. Through news, prizes, and games the platform is able to gamify the learning process, linking users with their interests. On the other hand, to avoid interrupting daily work, the activities are divided into 5-10 min blocks and a one-hour minimum per month to complete the required activities. Each organization can choose to increase or decrease the level of time required for their users..

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